It is ideal time for a cup of hot chocolate, but not any chocolate. Fine taste and unique aroma are true holiday for palate, which assure us that once you taste it, it will become your inevitable hot beverage. Original Italian recipe makes Melik hot chocolate unique and irresistible.

  • Net per packing:

    250g (25g x10/1)

  • Bar code:


  • Transport parcel:

    18 packages

Melik Hot Chocolate

The research results in science have proved that consummation of chocolate and chocolate beverages cause long lasting and more intensive reaction than kiss. Perfect creamy beverage is from now on very easy to prepare, so there is no reason for you not to make your afternoon better. So far we have not met a person who resisted our hot chocolate, and preparation is really quick ad effective.

With constant technology improvement and thanks to its high and constant quality, the ‘’Melik Group’’ company earned trust of true high quality lovers and has become leading company in activity of processing coffee and coffee based products.


We incorporate positive energy in what we do and we hope that you find inspiration for the things you love in every cup of coffee that you drink.

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