Modern, innovative Melik instant high quality coffee has been created after many years of experience with demanding implementation of Halal standards, which sets this coffee in the top of a wide array among competitive products. A practical single 2g packing is ideal for simple and always the same coffee preparation in any situation, for any mood and for everyone’s taste.

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  • Transport parcel:

    100 pieces


A cup of coffee is not only pleasant feeling for coffee lovers. There is more about it, especially during work break. A cup of coffee is not only pleasant feeling for coffee lovers. There is more about it, especially during work break. Melik Classic agglomerated coffee extract is available in 100g with 50 ideal coffee cups in the package. Packaging, in which Melik Classic coffee is delivered, is equipped with ZIP fastener system that can be opened and closed endlessly.

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  • Transport parcel:

    20 pieces


Melik Classic agglomerated coffee extract, available in 250g packaging, dedicated for great lovers of this type of coffee beverage and it is appropriate for 125 cups of ideal coffee beverage. The best way to store coffee is in closed packaging because of the fact that humidity and air are its biggest enemies. Sunlight is also not good for coffee because it loses its freshness when it is exposed to it. The fastener is perfect solution for a quick, simple and practical coffee storage without external factors influence on product quality.

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  • Transport parcel:

    8 pieces

Instant Classic Coffee

The biggest advantage of instant coffee is easiness and quickness in preparation when you can only in a minute you can make perfect warm coffee or excellent Frappe with cold water and ice. You only need to heat water to boiling, then pour it in the cup with a spoon or two of instant coffee and stir. Quick, simple and nice – that is the simplest way to describe instant coffee.

With constant technology improvement and thanks to its high and constant quality, the ‘’Melik Group’’ company earned trust of true high quality lovers and has become leading company in activity of processing coffee and coffee based products.


We incorporate positive energy in what we do and we hope that you find inspiration for the things you love in every cup of coffee that you drink.

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